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Capsinvest Overview

Discover Better way to Plan for Your Family

"We Heard People Life Are More Important Than Anything, We Were Born To Insure The Same"

Customer Service

CapsInvest – The Journey

Creating Advanced Financial Solution (CapsInvest) was started in 2014. We aimed at creating a revolution in the insurance market with a user-friendly process. Over the years with our trustworthy service, we’ve made 20,000+ delighted customers and grew over 200+ family among three branches located in Southern India.

How did we evolve it?

We converged with all the Mutual fund agencies in India and assured them that we had all the Mutual fund options with us.

We learned the advantages and the suitable customers and sold our policies in a customer-oriented approach.

At CapsInvest we were able to understand the challenges faced by our customers.

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds pool money from numerous investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities.


A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a popular and low-risk investment option where you deposit a lump sum amount with a financial institution a predetermined interest rate.

It's a reliable way to grow your wealth while ensuring the safety of your principal amount.

Portfolio Management Services

Active Portfolio Management: The portfolio manager's primary goal is to maximise returns. In the Active Portfolio Management method, the portfolio manager attempts to reduce the risk of your investments by diversifying them across asset classes, industries, and businesses. When compared to the passive style, this results in a higher turnover.

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